All in One

Measure and identify human performance


Our goal is to develop a mobile application which use sensor technology using artificial intelligence to analyze the condition of human stage or performance.


Evaluation methods are too expensive and cumbersome to use.
Also one measurement system measures only one part of performance.


Develop quick, applicable, low-cost online performance measurement, with one sensor technology and mobile phone.

Focus now

Measure or identify movement and symmetry of movement after surgery or trauma in rehabilitation.

Target population:


Matti Vartiainen

  • CEO
  • Co-founder
  • MSc, PT
  • +15 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation and coaching
  • Research and Clinics
  • Phd process in Psychology

Jarmo Koivisto

  • Project manager
  • Co-founder
  • KHL/UFA head Athletic trainer and strength coaching
  • Experience of +20 years

Markku Eskelinen

  • Sales Manager
  • All-round experience of sales and marketing in human sports and science
  • Body Monotoring, Smart Garment ja Wearable Tech pioneer

Pentti Bruun

  • Chairman of the board
  • DI, HHJ
  • Business  angel
  • Board professional for over 40 companies

Heikki Sjöman

  • MSc, Technology
  • CTO
  • Phd in progress, in Norway

Jani Kalasniemi

  • MSc, Technology
  • Technical advisor for product development

Riku Granat

  • Advisor
  • CEO of Varala
  • Previous experience from Nokia and Accenture
  • Working with several start up’s as an advisor or board member


Matti Vartiainen

+358 50 585 3884