Ain1 Team

Team Matti VartiainenCEO Co-founder MSc, PT +15 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation and coaching Research and Clinics Phd in progress in Psychology Anne BruunCOO and Data Privacy Officer, eMBA Previous experience from eg. Novo Nordisk and Pfizer Product launches Teemu KemppainenHead of Product Development MSc, Technology, Intelligent Products +5 years of experience in startup…


Applicability Balance monitoring can help health care professionals in monitoring results for training and rehabilitation screening for Musculoskeletal and joint disorders screening for abnormal development eg. working age and aging optimizing athletes performance and identifying signs and symptoms for brain injuries and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer

Ain1 Solution

Solution There is a need for easy and cost efficient solution for objective and accurate balance measurement solution, which provides real time results and feedback for professionals.


Problem Evaluation methods are too expensive, time taking and cumbersome to use. Also one measurement system measures only one part of performance.


Ain1 creates Mobile platform solutions for Human performance measurement using Sensor technology and Artificial intelligence. Ain1 is developing a novel, lightweight, mobile platform with the Movesense sensor technology and IBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with Ain1 unique algorithms for rehabilitation and coaching use to measure the key components of human performance – all in one…

Why Balance?

Why Balance?”Because of the multilevel system, Balance is important” Balance is an ability to maintain body in control with minimal body sway (line of gravity within their base of support), in which all acting forces are cancelled by each other resulting in a stable balanced system. The CNS receives feedback about the body orientation from…